Professional Web Design
When making a professional website on one of the freebie builders, it doesn't take long to see how hard it can be. Even the most carefully designed website may not convert its viewers to clients if it does not convey messages clearly. Each and every one of our designers custom plans your sites to make you the maximum profit off of our online viewership.

Tier 1 Plan- $100
This tier of web design includes a 1 page scrolling website that will tell what you are about and will at least give you an online presence. These sites usually include an introduction, an about section, and a pitch. This plan requires a $9.99 Annual Hosting fee and is not eligible for content changes.

Tier 2 Plan- $299
The Tier 2 plan of our program is a 5 page standard website. The main pages are: Home, About, Services, Contact, and Unique. One of our main trademarks is the Unique page. This can be things such as a video comercial of your site, or it can be as nifty as a specific product full page advertisement. This plan requires a $19.99 hosting fee and changes made to the website require a $20 per hour charge.

Tier 3 Plan- $799
The Tier 3 plan of our program is a multi level growth website. This one keeps the same structure as a normal website with top levels of Home, About, Services, and Contact. However instead of one page for each of these, there ias mutliple. For example, rather than listing each your services on a page, we will create pages that are dedicated to each service. These pages are each designed in photoshop and you are given them in PDF format so that you can print them out for your informational distributions. A $100 fee is charged if a functional blog is also needed. Annual hosting is $39.99 and changes made to the website require a $20 per hour charge.

Hosting Information

Hosting plans are paid annually as listed above for each plan. They must be paid 30 days ahead of the end of term. Any failure to maintain payment will be taken as an intent to cancel. Content is property of the purchasee alone. If this is the owner of the business, then we will be unable to transfer login credentials to anyone else including IT departments. Furthermore, change of content to the website must be completed through our skilled developers OTHERWISE you void any warranty of work and we will be unable to transfer remaining content as it may have been tampered with or destroyed.