Web Design is Like Art...

Web design is one of the easiest fields of our day. With Websites such as Wix or Wordpress, an average joe can have his own space on the web in a couple of hours. However, often times, these websites are shoddy, poorly built, and are often mistakenly hidden from the search engine. My first site was 75% invisible to google and I never could understand why my posts recieved almost no traffic. Since then, I have been the architect of over 50 high quality websites that are used on a daily basis. I have found ways to optimize for traffic, prepare original designs, and connect businesses with owners all over the world.

There are dozens of reasons to use a professional web design service. Many people believe that by simply slapping up a logo on a domain with a few words about them, they have built a website. The sad fact is that most people would never make their own comercial, design their own logo, or create their own marketing material, yet hundreds of new businesses see the advertisements for "free web space" and "drag and drop" and believe the lie that quality web design is only a click away. In reality, even the best template requires a lot of knowledge to modify and make look as nice as it can be. These are crucial features that change whether 3% of your readers convert to sales or 10% convert.

How to do Web Design Right!

One of the most important feature of any design is the initial planning. There are three major directions that your website can take. First are sites that provide information including wikis, enthusiast blogs, review sites, et al. If you are providing information then you are going to want to focus on what makes your site an authority on the matter. For example, video game wikis are often started or sponsored by well known gamers. A sports enthusiasts blog may back up their statements with quotes from SportsCenter. However, authority goes deeper than just content, it goes to design. While respect can be earned, authority must be given. The easiest way to get that authority is to have a professional look. This is why informative sites often go with dull tones and light designs. Allow us to build your professional site!

Another approach is a marketing website. These websites are not focused on giving out information, but rather on spreading word of a service, product, or artwork. This type of site is meant to be differrent from the informative sites, yet many "drag and drop" builders are unable to produce this type of quality site. These sites require more vibrant designs. Think of these as the infomercial of the web. It is very likely with sites like this that the user will only stay for a few moments before they realize you are trying to sell them something. Therefore you have to rapidly get the pitch out and into their hands, while providing them with a reason to be on the page. Things such as flash games, videos, or comic strips are excellent tools to keep attention on your site while you transfer your pitch. These sites use strong wording and calls to action to motivate the customers and encourage them to take action.

A final type of website is a personal site. These sites are built around achieving personal satisfaction. A lot of personal blogs, hobby-businesses, start-ups, and artists use this kind of websites to state goals and achievements. Personal blogs can be either an awesome product or a pain. Many people use built in software in places like wix or blogger to build their websites. These are fine as long as you never wish to expand. However, for things like start up companies using these sites is a mistake because everything you post instantly is the property of the blog and not the owner. Just like that you can lose hours of content writing.

Awesome Web Design Tips